Selected Awards and Honors:

Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors:

Friedlander Award, 2005
Sallie & Gannon Kashiwa Award, 2009
First Place Award, 2011

Allied Artists of America National Exhibition :

  • Silver Medal of Honor, 2009
  • Gold Medal With Honor, 2011
  • Kent Day Coes Award, 2023

American Artists Professional League

Rose Yeni Memorial Award, 1997

American Watercolor Society:

High Winds Medal, 1997
Silver Medal of Honor, 1998
High Winds Medal, 1999
Maxwell Desser Award, 2000
High Winds Medal, 2001
High Winds Medal, 2003
Gold Medal, 2006
High Winds Medal, 2007
High Winds Medal, 2008
Gold Medal of Honor, 2010
CFS Medal, 2012
Watercolor Artist/Artist Magazine Award, 2013

Gloria Devereaux Memorial Award, 2015

Frederick Wong Award, 2016

Margaret M Martin Memorial Award, 2017

High Winds Medal, 2018

High Winds Medal, 2019

Silver Medal of Honor, 2020

Louis J Kaep Memorial Award, 154th Annual AWS Exhibition, 2021

Ralph Smith Memorial Award, 2022

Alden Bryan Memorial Medal, 156th International Exhibition, 2023

American Watercolor Weekly Advisory Board Member, 2018, 2019

Board Member of American Watercolor Society

Arizona Watercolor Society

 Award of Excellence, 2003

Art Renewal Centers International Salon:

Third Place – category “Landscape” 2006
Top 100 Finalists- category “Landscape” 2006
Honorable Mention and Finalist 2007
Second Place “Landscape” 2009
Top 100 Finalists “Landscape” 2009
Top 100 Finalists “Landscape” 2010

 Artist’s Magazine 2000 Art Competition:

First Place – category “Experimental”
Finalist – category “Landscape”

Artist’s Magazine 2001 Art Competition

Finalist – “Experimental”, “Landscape”

Artist’s Magazine 2008 Art Competition

Honorable Mention – category “Landscape”

Artist’s Magazine 2010 Art Competition

Second Place – category “Landscape”

Artist’s Magazine 2011 Art Competition

two Finalists Awards – category “Landscape”

Artist’s Magazine 2012 Art Competition

3rd Place Award in Experimental category

Artist’s Magazine 2015 Art Competition

 Second Place Award – category “Landscape”

Arts North International 28, Hopkins Center for the Arts

First Place, Watercolor 2023

Audubon Artists, Jane Peterson Memorial Award, 1997

California Watercolor Association

Bronze Award, 2005
Fourth Place Award, 2013

52nd National Exhibition Daniel Smith Award, 2021

Eastern Washington Watercolor Society

First Place, 2002

First Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary International

Award of Excellence 2007

Georgetown International Art Exhibition

 Best of Show, 1998

Georgia Watercolor Society

First Prize, 2004
First Prize, 2006

Honorable Mention

First Place, 2018

HuaHin BluPort Watercolor Art Biennale Thailand 2016

Master World Watercolor Artist Award, 2007

Hilton Head Art League Exhibition

First Place Watercolor Category, 2007

International Artist  Landscape Competition

 Finalist, 2001

International Masters of Watercolour Association, Shanghai China      Appointed President of the Board of Directors

Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary International Watermedia Masters Nanjing China

Certificate of Honor with Medal, 2008
Certificate of Honor with Medal, 2010

Jiangsu Watermedia Research Institute, China

Honorary Membership, 2007
Certificate of Honor With Gold Medal, 2012

Kentucky Watercolor Society Exhibit

First Place, 2002
Merit Award, 2003
Third Place, 2005

Louisiana WS Annual International Exhibition

 1st Place – 2002
 Merit award –  2003
  Merit award, 2004
  Second Place Award, 2005
  Third Place Award, 2009

Memphis Germantown Art League Annual National Juried Exhibition

‘Architecture with Art’, Best of Show, 2007

Memphis Germantown Art League Annual National Juried Exhibition

2nd Place Award, 2008

Midwest Watercolor Society:

Edgar A. Whitney Award
Leech Lake Art League Award
L’Atelier Art Studio Award
Skyledge Award, 2000
Arlington Heights Art Guild Award, 2002

Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition

Various Awards 1988 – 1997
First Prize in watercolor, 1998
People’s Choice Award, 2000
Third Place, 2002, 2004, 2005
First Place, 2006
Merit Award, 2007
Third Place Award, 2009
First Place Award, 2013
Tweed Museum of Art Award, 2015

Second Place award for Watercolor 2016

Third Place Award 2019

Mississippi WS Grand National Watercolor Exhibition

First Place, 2002, 2004, 2005

Missouri Watercolor Society

 Award of Excellence, 2003
  Award of Distinction, 2004
  Award of Excellence, 2007
  Award of Distinction, 2011

Montana Watercolor Society

Second Place 2002

National Watercolor Society Exhibition:

NWS Patron’s Award, 1997
Winsor and Newton Award and Plaque, 1999
Michael Wilcox Merchandise Award, 2001
Henry Fukuhara Award, 2004
First Place, Silver Star, 2005
Combined Merchandise Award, 2006
Richeson Purchase Award, 2007
Combined Purchase and Cash Award, 2009
Silver Star First Place Award, 2011
President’s Award, 2013

National Watercolor Society Members’ Exhibition

Honorable Mention, 1999

National Watercolor Oklahoma Exhibition

OWA Investment Award, 2007

New England Watercolor Society

North American Open Exhibition, 2000,
First Place, 2002

North East Watercolor Society

 Millennium Award, 2003

Northern Lights Exhibit

 Various awards, 1987 – 1998

Northern National

 Patron Award and Peoples Choice, 2006

North West Watercolor Society

 Third Place, 2004

Pakistan Watercolor Society Pearls of Peace

International Watercolor. Biennale 2020 Pakistan WS Pearls of Peace Best Watercolor Award for Cityscape, 2020

 Lifetime Achievement Award and Gold Medal, 2016

Pennsylvania WS Juried Exhibition:

Second Place 2002
Merit Award, 2003
Materials Award, 2004
Merit Award, 2005
Second Place Award, 2009

Mildred Sands Kratz Award, 2020

Philadelphia WS Exhibition

 Award of Excellence, 2003

Pittsburgh Watercolor Society:

Merchandise Award, 2002
Second Place Award, 2005
Daler-Rowney Award, 2007

Plano Texas Art Association

 Best of Show, 2004

Red River Watercolor Society Annual Art Exhibition:

Third Place 2002
Silver Award 2004
First Place 2005
First Place 2007

Third Place Bronze Award, 2022

Rhode Island WS 9th and 12th Annual Exhibitions

Honorable Mention, 2002
First Place, 2005

Richeson 75 Portrait and Figure Exhibition

Second Place Watercolor Category, 2007

Rocky Mountain Watermedia Exhibition

Best of Show, 2003
Quintessence Award, 2005
Second Place Award, 2006
Vance Kirkland Memorial Award, 2007
Third Place Holly Coors Award for Realism, 2009

San Diego Watercolor Society

Award of Excellence, 2002
Capt and Mrs. Edward B. Rogers Sponsor Award, 2003
Award of Excellence, 2004
Award of Excellence, 2005
Award of Excellence, 2006
Porte Family Award, 2007
Second Place Award, 2013
People’s Choice Award, 2013

Watercolor West Award, 2016

Award of Excellence, 2017

Third Place Award 2019

Second place award, 2023

Shanghai Zhoujiajiao International Biennial Watercolor Exhibition

Biennial Award, 2010

Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial

Daniel Smith Award, 2015

Signature American Watermedia Exhibition, 2018 – 9th Annual, Fallbrook CA

First Place Award, 2018

Second Place Award, 2019

DaVinci Merchandise Award, 2020

First Cash Award, 2021     

Erickson Family Award, 2023

Taos National Watercolor Exhibition

 First State Bank Award, 2005

Texas Watercolor Society,

Founders’ Award, 2004
Honorable Mention, 2008
Merchandise Award, 2010

Thailand Ministry of Culture and the Arts Award 2015

Tirana International Watercolor Festival

Best Landscape Award

Transparent Watercolor Society of America:

Past Presidents’ Award, 2004
People’s Choice Award, 2004
American Artist Magazine Award, 2005
Edgar Whitney Award, 2006
John Singer Sargeant Award, 2007
Past Presidents’ Award, 2008
Skyledge First Place Award, 2010
Skyledge First Place Award, 2012
John Singer Sargent Award, 2013
Irv Shapiro Founders Award, 2014
Edgar Whitney Award, 2015

Frank Nash Memorial Award, 2016

Awarded the Distinguished Masters Designation, 2016

 TWSA Members Award 2017

 TWSA – Juror and judge

  Award of Merit – 2019

 Morris Watercolor Guild Award, 2020

Irving Shapiro Founders Award, 2021

Edgar Whitney Memorial Award, 2022

Skyledge First Place Award, 2023

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey International Juried Show

First Place Award for Painting, 2008

Watercolor Art Soc. of Houston International Exhibition

Third Prize, 2002
First Place Award, 2006
Merit Award, 2007
First Place Award, 2008
Second Place Award, 2009
Honorable Mention, 2010
First Place Award, 2014

First Place Award, 2023

Watermedia MastersA

Award of Excellence, 2007

Watercolor USA:

Jerry Berger Springfield Museum Purchase Award, 1992
Dr. Ruth Grant and Dr. Howard Schwartz Purchase Award, 1994
Springfield Museum Cash Award, 1996
Patron Purchase Award, 1996
Case Award, 1998
Marion Louise Shuck Memorial Award, 2003
Springfield Museum Cash Award, 2005

Watercolor West Exhibition:

Board of Directors Award, 1999
Lana and Kenneth Vernon Award, 2001
Beryl Larkin Mem. Award, 2003
Best of Show John Koser Memorial Award, 2004
First Place Award, 2005
Second Place Award, 2006
Combined Merchandise Award, 2007
Third Place Award, 2010
Henry Fukihara Award, 2011
People’s Choice Award, 2011
Patron’s Award, 2013

Watercolor West’s 53rd National Exhibition, 2021

Western Colorado Watercolor Society

Past Presidents’ Award, 2004
Second Place, 2006
Second Place Award, 2006

Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Las Vegas NV

Award of excellence, 2012

David Gale Award, 2023

World Watercolor Exposition, Thailand

Thailand Ministry of Art and Culture Award for Master of Urban Scenery, 2014